Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What British Romantic Poet are You?
Your Result: You are John Keats!

Ars gratis artis! Keats had only one idea, but it was a good one: "Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty." Unlike the other British Romantics, he didn't have a political agenda. He died at 26.

You are George Gordon, Lord Byron!
You are Percy Shelley!
You are William Wordsworth!
You are Samuel Coleridge!
You are William Blake!
What British Romantic Poet are You?
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Anonymous said...

oh no! we're complete opposites! alas... i feel so left out since everyone but me is keats.
and i am soooo darned keatsian it hurts ~cough~cough~

must get back to contradictions & dichotomies & opposites, oh mY!

happy vday & knitting to your truthful, beautiful soul.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks for taking my quiz! I enjoyed looking at your blog...although my wife, who is both a poet and knitter, will likely appreciate it more.

BTW I was Byron. :)


Mitzi said...

Here's mine, though I know squat about British poets:

Your Result: You are George Gordon, Lord Byron!

Byron was as well-known for his lifestyle as for his remarkable works. He was a poet, athlete, womanizer, and gunrunner, who was once accused of writing poetry "in which the deliberate to corrupt." He died at 36.

Ahem...womanizer? Gun runner? Died at 36?? Oh boy.

Bebe said...

Hi Sharon,

I too was John Keats, I tried to play with the quiz, to see which answer triggered Keats, but after several tries I was still John Keats. These Groovy Girls are so beautiful, I love the outfits, Rachael had an entire collection of Groovy Girls, last year I cleaned out her closet and gave them to my neice who is six, she thought she had hit the Groovy Girl Jackpot. I have a softspot for these dolls. Wishing you a wonderful week.

:) brenda

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks everyone! It's fun hearing which poets you all were.

Ghost Dog - thanks for stopping by and for writing such a great quiz. Send your wife over anytime!