Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another 30 Days

I can't believe Valentine's Day is next week. Weren't we just having Christmas?

I finished my 14th round of 30 poems in 30 days yesterday. Here's what I wrote:

1. Story
2. Icon
3. All the Observed Contacts were Gradual
4. Underground
5. We Did Not Know
6. The Mistress of Watermelon
7. haiku
8. To a Girl on the Beach at Twilight
9. What to Make of a Diminished Thing
10. Midlife
11. Kate is Five
12. Between Strawberry and Pine is a Place like Paradise
13. Ode to the Salmon in the Back of the Freezer
14. The Marlboro Man Eats a Bullet
15. The Baby's Laughter
16. Black Body
17. Grand Epiphany at Punkin Center, Arizona
18. In the Maternity Ward
19. After the Last Angry Word
20. A Woman's Song
21. Secret Life of the Rhizome
22. Liberace's ghost plays Für Elise
23. What Can Be Broken, What Can Be Fixed
24. Confession of a Recovering Nymphomaniac
25. Sutures
26. haiku
27. Small Predator, Large Prey
28. Immortality at the Tip of a Shovel
29. Outside Saint Mary's at 3:15 pm
30. Toward a Larger Awareness


Arlene said...

wowza! congrats on finishing your 14TH (!!!) round, sharon. and oooh-lah-lah, that orbis issue is delectable -- especially with your poem in it.

hope to see you soon in 30:30. i'll be back by march, i think.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Arlene! Yes, come back to us, come back to the madness of a poem a day...

k1tchenwitch said...

Immortality at the Tip of a Shovel, The Marlboro Man Eats a Bullet, The Mistress of Watermelon ~ you're the Queenie Supremie of poem titles!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Theresa - trust me, I've got plenty of stinky titles in my repertoire, too. Thanks!

Jayne said...

Those titles make me sorry I missed the poems. Take good care.