Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Silver Falls

Yesterday we went to Silver Falls, a state park with over 25 miles of hiking trails set in a temperate rain forest of Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar, ferns, mosses, and wildflowers. There are ten waterfalls in the park, including South Falls (the largest):

It was, not surprisingly, extremely busy, crammed with families intent upon enjoying Memorial Day in this gorgeous green setting. We had a picnic lunch and tried to keep warm when the wind blew the clouds over the sun.

And then we went hiking. Emma and Kate were thrilled with their new hydration packs and got a huge kick out of sipping as they walked. We didn't go far - just down to South Falls where we could stand behind the pouring water and enjoy the cool mist, and down along the river a short way through the trees and ferns.

The girls gathered moss, which they decided was hair from Mr. Grinch, and had a generally fabulous time. Hopefully we can go back when it's not so crowded and hike a few of the less traveled trails. But for now, our summer of hiking and outdoors activities is off to a great start!


Liz said...

It sounds like a wonderful day trip, Sharon - the descriptions sound similar to some parks/waterfalls outside of Seattle that we visited when my sister lived there.

Love the happy, shiny faces photographs. : )

And congrats on In Posse.

Harriet said...

How lovely! Nice photos, too. When does Dennis's sabbatical begin? Ours will be Aug-Sept. Talk to you soon!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Liz! The girls can't wait to go back. Their faces get happy just thinking about it.

Hi Harriet! I think he qualifies in August, but it might be September. Right around the same time as yours, anyway. Have you scheduled yours yet? We're talking about the late summer/early fall of 2008 for ours, maybe Sept-Oct. When do you finish up school for this semester?