Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pacific City

So, here's the rest of the story about Saturday.

Last year I ended up at the beach for hours and hours with the girls. It got ugly fast when Kate decided she was terrified of the waves and the dozens of tiny dead crabs littering the beach. It was hot, we had no idea when Dennis would get there, and we were all pretty cranky by the time he did.

This year, my parents came over from Idaho for the weekend. We planned to leave at a leisurely pace sometime after Emma's swimming lesson Saturday morning. It was a little too leisurely. We got to Pacific City a scant 10 minutes before Dennis. The place was nuts with cyclists and their friends picking them up, so we had to park at the far side of town and take a shuttle bus to the finish line. As we approached it we were driving parallel to all the cyclists coming in, and who should we happen to see but Dennis! We waved and held up our signs through the bus window, then he pulled over and waited till we got off and were ready to snap some photos of the finish.

We had planned to walk on the beach before Dennis arrived, but obviously we need to work on our timing. We came back on Sunday and had a blast anyway. Kate was coaxed out onto the sand by Grandaddy and by the allure of the perfect sand dollar (Emma found one almost immediately).

Before long she was collecting shells and running circles around all of us. She even reached the point where she picked up a crab shell and held onto it like it was treasure. When we suggested it was time to leave and head home, her response was "No! Never ever!"

We'll be going back again soon.


Arlene said...

god. a 100-mile ride sounds butt-breaking, sharon — put that together with 8 hours and dennis has all my admiration!

the weather looks cloudy from the pictures, but it's great that you had a fab time — especially kate who has overcome her fear of the beach. tiny dead crabs sound scary even to me. hee.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hey Arlene! It was pouring rain most of the time we were there, so yes, it was very grey that day. But typical for the Oregon Coast. Kate seems to be okay with crab parts. Not sure what she'd do if she saw one intact.

k1tchenwitch said...

Congratulations to Dennis ~ and to Kate for overcoming her beach fear!

These photos make me want more than ever to make it out to the coast. It looks so quiet, and like you have the beach all to yourselves.