Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In the Mailbox

I've gotten some good mail in the past week. First, Issue 15 of Quarter After Eight arrived. This is a journal that focuses on publishing flash fiction and short prose/poem pieces. I have two stories in this issue - "How Thunder Stepped into the Sky" and "John Wesley Powell and the Colorado River Blues." I'm thrilled to be sharing pages with fellow Zoetropers Elizabeth Ellen and Stefani Nellen.

I also received my copy of the Arabic anthology "American Stories Dialogues" which includes three of my previously published flashes. This anthology was put together by Saleh Razzouk and I am honored to have been included in the company of so many fine contemporary American writers.

Finally, I had a letter from River Styx informing me that, while I did not win the 2009 River Styx Schlafly Microfiction contest, I was one of 20 finalists chosen from over 500 submissions. Close, but no cigar. Guess I better start sharpening my pencil for next year!


Kristen said...


I wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you, so I apologize for this...

I'm putting together a collection of Tuesday Shorts stories for a possible print anthology and would love to include "The Back of a Girl," if I may. I've always been very affected by that piece.

Please email me at ktsetsi@gmail.com to let me know.

Editor, Tuesday Shorts

(Also please let me know which name you would prefer to use, if you do allow me to include the piece.)

Kelly Spitzer said...

Love the titles of your poems, especially the John Wesley Powell...

Congrats on all your success!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks, Kelly! When are you moving to Colorado?