Wednesday, March 18, 2009

February Sweaters

Hey, look, I've been knitting! Actually, I've been knitting all along, but this is the first chance I've had to take pictures of anything. These were Valentine's Day presents. Hello Kitty is Emma's friend, and Kate's bunny is named Flopsy.

There was Christmas knitting, too, but since most of it was given away, I don't have pictures. I made 10 Pocket Creatures and stuffed them with sachets of lavender from Hood River. They are great stocking stuffers!

I also knit toy horses for the girls, then made dresses and shawls from the same yarn for their Groovy Girls. They love it when things match.

Right now I'm working on more adorable animals from the same yarn (Emma and Kate have decided that the Groovy Girls are running a zoo) and an Easter surprise. Oh, and Dennis is hoping I'll get around to finishing his second Sailor's Rib sock, too.

Knit on!

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