Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Clothes for B


Bebe said...

Hi Sharon,

I love the knit jeans Barbie has on, all the subtle hues and colors, very cool beans. I took your test, and I am 55 right and 45 left. I am also ambidextrous. Thats what I blame my poor sense of direction on. I am enjoying your 30:30 poems.

:) brenda

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hi Brenda! The Barbie pants are made with sock yarn leftover from a pair I made my husband last year. It's gorgeous yarn. We're missing you in 30/30 - hope you'll be back soon!

Ginger said...

Although I don't have any left, I fondly remember the Barbie clothing my PARENTS made for me! Yes, my Dad made Barbie clothes! Beautiful strapless ball gowns from scraps of fancy smancy fabric, lovingly hand-stitched with nearly invisible sewing. I know your girls will treasure these garments for years to come, whether they keep them or not!