Sunday, September 30, 2007

Almost October

Feeling listy today:

- It's pouring the rain down outside. The wind is blowing. I love Fall (my favorite season), but contemplating the months of grey, overcast skies and unending rain that lie ahead makes me want to crawl into a cave. A well-appointed cave, with velvet wall hangings, fireplaces you can stand in, and secret passages between the kitchen and the library. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe what I really want is a castle in the English countryside...

- Kate had an accident Thursday night and knocked her two upper middle front teeth. The left one got pushed back a bit but luckily neither one fell out. She was very upset. It's been an usettling couple of days. (A quick trip to the dentist on Friday assured us all that she is just fine and will likely not lose the tooth)

- I have mixed feelings about my flashathon. I didn't write as much as I had hoped. But it was fun and there was great participation. Guess I'm just a little disappointed in myself.

- I'm getting ready to begin my top-secret knitting project for the girls for Christmas and I'm really excited about it. An entire Groovy Girl wardrobe! There will be nightgowns and robes, sundresses, sweaters, skirts, hats, accessories, blankets, and whatever else I can come up with. All designed and created by me.

- My team (Oregon) lost to Dennis' team (Cal) yesterday. Boo hoo.

- There are some trees with brilliant red leaves near our house and every time I drive by them it makes me smile. If only I could change color to celebrate the seasons!

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