Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Pubs

Hey, look what came in the mail last week!

I was pleasantly surprised to get my copy of Other Poetry since I had no idea when the new issue was coming. Even better was finding money tucked between the pages and a poem by Arlene Ang. My own "In the Time of Origami" is thrilled to be in such great company.

I'm also delighted to see my flash "Sugar Blues" in Kalliope, which is one of my favorite lit journals.

Coming up soon: Carousel, Main Street Rag, and Ballard Street Poetry Journal.


Ms. Theologian said...

Well, congratulations!

Sharon Hurlbut said...


Arlene said...

congrats on the pubs, sharon! kalliope is a beaut — i've bookmarked it for future stalkings. heh.

love the quotes you've chosen, particularly kooser and lamott. and OMG... that picture of emma in her knitted dress sitting on the doorstep (?) is such a darling! she's absolutely irresistible.


KATE EVANS said...

Very cool!

Yes, Kalliope is wonderful.

I think you should do the writing-out-in-front-of-the-grocery-store thing. Be brave! (easy for me to say)

H.E.Eigler said...

Big congrats on your pubs!

Liz said...

Congrats on all the fine pubs Sharon.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks ladies!