Monday, June 04, 2007

Barefoot Knits

Presenting: Emma's new knit top and skirt.

The top is Monica from the Spring 2007 Knitty.
The skirt is Twirly Skirt published in InKnitters magazine.

It works as both a skirt and a poncho! Both patterns are from the book Barefoot Knits by Christine Schwender and Paula Heist. Based on these two pieces, it's a book I'm going to want to buy.

I knit these on size US6 needles with Mission Falls 1824 cotton and they came out really nice. I've used the Mission Falls before and it's a very sturdy yarn for kids' clothing. It washes well and holds up forever. Now I have to start on Kate's...


Harriet said...

Emma looks as pleased as Punch in her lovely new things! You found a wonderful use for some of your Mission Falls stash. Uhh, I think you should knit Kate's thing first the next time you do doubles, so she won't get second-child complex :-) Plus it would be smaller while you are seeing if you like the pattern!

bevjackson said...

Your knitting is splendid, but your children are sublime. Wow, is she gorgeous.

Renee said...

I made a top for Claire and now I want to make a skirt too. Was the pattern in the most recent magazine?

Mrs. Chambers said...

Emma is such a wonderful model! And the knitting looks wonderful.

I've been absent from the blog world and have just now gotten my quotes down from your tag...sheesh.

I'll see you in 30:30...


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Harriet, she IS pleased as Punch with it. And Kate picked her colors, so I've started hers. I do switch off on projects, so whoever got one last the last time gets one first the next time.

Thanks Bev!

Hi Renee! It was in the Fall issue: Fall 2006, Vol. 6, No. 2. I think you can order back issues on their website. The pattern is really simple and a pretty quick knit.

Cheryl, hey, it's good to see you around. I love your quotes! Hope you're feeling better.