Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birds & Bees

You can find my poems "Come" and "Dinner with Mr. Jones, Or, How I Taught Tom to Enjoy a Good Beaujolais" in the latest NC-17 edition of The Hiss Quarterly, which is devoted to all things lusty in honor of Valentine's Day.


megalopoet said...

hey sharon-- enjoyed your work there and class has been fun so far. ganked your superhero quiz for fun. i commend your spidey-senses.


megalopoet said...

oh, and i envy your spidey-knitting.


bevjackson said...

am I going blind? I can't see your name on Hiss's list. Using a pseudo?

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Sorry Bev, my fault! I should have mentioned, they're under my pen-name Ann Walters. I have a flash in the same issue, too.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Nicole - thanks! I'm really enjoying the class too. The reading is nudging me in all sorts of wonderful and challenging directions. Maybe we can convince Steve to create a part 2 when this one is over. I'm so glad you stopped by - it was starting to feel a little lonely in here.

michi said...

congrats, sharon! :)

late to the party, because i was too busy getting drunk with ms ang when you posted this. ;)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Michi! Have you recovered from her visit yet?