Tuesday, February 27, 2007

30/30 and other news

Despite the stomach flu epidemic that hit our house last week (my visiting parents, myself and Dennis all had it), I managed to finish my 8th round of 30 poems in 30 days:

8.1 An Ancient Moche Woman Gets Another Fifteen Minutes of Fame
8.2 Spike and Buffy Spend Sunday Afternoon at the Crypt
8.3 Plasticine Psychosis
8.4 Dr. Zhoudou's Cabinet of Hypnosis and Broken Hearts
8.5 Istanbul
8.6 Monsters from the Id
8.7 The Rest Remain
8.8 Sugar Snap Peas, 1970
8.9 Beautiful Losers
8.10 A Different Drama
8.11 Homeward
8.12 Permeable
8.13 Centerfold
8.14 On the Nature of Auroras in a Modified Habitat
8.15 The Marx Brothers Hit a Snag in their Plan for World Domination
8.16 Darkling
8.17 Studying a Male Nude in an Anatomy Text
8.18 Fourteen Words of Love
8.19 Pantaphobia
8.20 I've Heard You Can't Say Love Face to Face (a 30/30 cento)
8.21 We Leave the Beaches for the Tourists, Mostly
8.22 Kid chants
8.23 Idiom
8.24 Bandelier, New Mexico, Day 9 of Our Two Week Vacation
8.25 stomach flu haiku
8.26 Report, with a toilet seat
8.27 Shall We Throw Away the Key?
8.28 To a Ray of Sun on a Winter Day
8.29 Girl Scout cookie haiku
8.30 Five Clouded Days in Ragtime

I've been kind of quiet on the blog front lately, posting only sporadically and commenting even less. But I've been reading a lot.

I've really enjoyed following Patry Francis on her journey with the publication of her debut novel The Liar's Diary. Lucky me, I even was in the right place at the right time to win a signed copy from her!

In case you missed it, The Canadian Writers Collective has featured a different post about love each day in February, with special guest writers like H.E. Eigler, Lisa Ling, Joseph Young, Ellen Meister, and many many others.

Beginning March 1, check out the Writer Profile Project by Kelly Spitzer. Kelly says: "Each profile will consist of approximately ten questions posed to writers at various stages in their careers. During the series, you will meet editors of literary magazines, novelists, poets, and a wide variety of up and coming authors in all genres. I expect the series to run through the end of the year, so check back often for new profiles." I'm looking forward to the interviews and to reading the work of all Kelly's featured writers. Look for my own profile (as Ann Walters) in a couple of months.

What have you been reading online lately?


kelly s said...

Wow! 30-30. That's a cool idea! And thanks for the link. The first profile just went live, by the way. Mary Akers is in the house!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Kelly, I LOVE your interview with Mary! It's fantastic. This is going to be such a great series.

H.E.Eigler said...

Thanks for the link too! And I agree, Kelly's interview was great. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series :)

kelly s said...

Thank you, both. Mary is fascinating. It was a pleasure to get to know her!

bevjackson said...

Sorry to hear you and yours went thru the flu, but I'm so jealous of the 30 day poetry output. One of these days...thanks too for the info; I'm off to see Kelly's site.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Bev! I've started my 9th round of 30/30 and am having a blast. There's always at least a few people participating over at Inside the Writers Studio if you ever want to join in.