Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Randomness and (mostly) good news

Just when I needed it most, I got an acceptance. And not only that, but the piece was instantly published. You can read my flash Love is the Firmest Foundation, a flash told in four micros, at edifice Wrecked now.

My August flashathon has begun and it's off to a good start. Lots of participants and I even managed to write something today. Hooray!

The not-so-good news is that I'm still dealing with the kidney stone(s) as well as a probably kidney infection. But I've seen my doctor and got some meds, so hopefully this will all pass soon.

I've gotten a decent amount of knitting in while I've been sick. It helps to have something other than the pain to focus on. Emma's mermaid outfit is getting close to completion, and a surprise I'm working on for the girls is coming along slowly but surely. I finished my mom's socks and am making a couple of dishcloths to send along with them. I'll post pics when everything is done.


michi said...

congrats! and good luck with the flash-writing!

and feel better soon!


Arlene said...

wooohooo! congrats on the flash fic, sharon. love it -- much to learn there (i'm a fledgling when it comes to fiction).

so sorry about the kidney stone(s). i hear they cause horrible pain. it must be pure torture -- especially without painkillers. hope everything passes soon. **healing hug**

thanks so much for mr stegs!! there's a pic right now on my blog. hee. he seems very attracted to books.

can't wait to see emma's mermaid outfit.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Michi - thanks! I'm in this weird zone of writing and pain, but at least I'm writing.

Arlene - now that Dennis is home again, I'm taking my Percocet every night, which helps immensely. Still hurts like hell, though. I'm glad Mr. Stegs made it okay. I thought I saw him eyeing my 10-volume set of The Arabian Nights.

Stephanie said...

Man, that must really hurt, Sharon. I'm so sorry to hear this. But congratulations on the acceptance!

rdl said...

Really liked your flash story but i couldn't figure out how to comment, maybe you have to register first. hope you're feeling better.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Stephanie! The stone finally passed last weekend and I'm finally feeling better.

rdl - thank you so much for taking the trouble to read my story and then come back here to comment! Glad you enjoyed it.