Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Kate and Emma hamming it up at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon. The tops were knit in Mission Falls 1824 cotton from the Minnowknits Sugar N Spice pattern. They each got to pick their own colors. Now they want more, including 'bumblebee' shirts in charcoal grey and yellow.


lorguru said...

Two things....

1. Those kids and those shirts are ADORABLE!!!! I mean...GORGEOUS!!!!

2. Enjoy this age. They won't want to wear your beautiful work in a few years. I'm just guessing based on my eleven year olds! of mine has taken up crocheting for the first time. She's working on a baby blanket for her new brother or sister to be born in January. NOOOOOOO! Not mine...their stepmom!

Take care, Sharon!

michi said...

awww sharon! so adorable. i love the girls' hair, and their shirts, and i look forward to the bumblebee shirts! :)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Lauren - thanks! So far, the only thing I've knit for myself has been a couple of pairs of socks. Everything else is for the girls and I love how excited they get about it. Emma has started learning to knit, but she gets distracted by many other things and only sticks to it for a few days at a time before moving on. Kate wants to learn, but she doesn't have the coordination yet. Did you teach your girl to crochet?

Michi - Thanks! I think it's funny that they both want 'bee' shirts. And Emma has already put in requests for other color combinations, too.