Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tidbits of Random News

• My copy of Bonfire arrived last week, complete with five poems by yours truly (and a photo accompanying my bio). It is an absolutely lovely journal and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

• My daughter Emma lost her first tooth last Friday. When she smiles her gappy grin at me, I feel a rush of joy for the person she is growing into, and a twinge of nostalgia for the baby she's leaving behind.

• I've been knitting up a storm with Touch Me, a wonderfully luxurious and very expensive yarn. I can't reveal what I'm making, though, until after Christmas.

• Kate, who will be three in January, continues to refuse any and all enticements to be potty trained. She is perfectly capable of doing it, knows how and when, but simply doesn't want any part of it. Even the most overt bribery isn't working. Suggestions are welcomed.

• Having finished off NaNoWriMo in a timely fashion, I'm now participating in the 30/30 Challenge (one new poem a day for 30 days) at Inside the Writer’s Studio, an online poetry workshop.


P. A. Moed said...

Dear Sharon,

My advice to you about Kate...kids do it when they're ready. My son didn't do it until he was 4. The best time is in the summer. You'll have fewer clothes to wash when the inevitable accident occurs.

And it's wonderful how much writing you're doing. I admire that. And you know I'm a big fan of yours.

Ginger said...

Well, having had half a dozen (at least) little ones, I can say these things. Most everyone is pottied trained by the time they graduate from high school, so relax. I know diapers are expensive; consider cloth instead of paper. Cloth diapers don't let the little one feel so comfy when they're wet or messy and sometimes that's enough to inspire the change(particularly for a girl). I agree with P.A., summer's easier. And sometimes if you just forget about it, it takes care of itself magically, like there's some metaphysical leap that's made. Voilah! Hang in there; if all else fails write a poem about your daughter and what a big girl she is. She might just rise to the challenge.

When it's all said and done, you'll soon look back on the situation and realize it passed much more quickly than it seems like it will from the present perspective.

Just shoot me, I know I've babbled on too long.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Patti and Ginger - thank you both for confirming what I already know in my heart. You just can't rush this process, but it sure is frustrating to know that the only thing keeping her from making the leap is sheer stubbornness. Wait....was that the sound of my parents chuckling in the background? There's a stubborn streak a mile wide running through my family, and I can dig my heels in like nobody's business, but I think Kate may surpass us all. *sigh*

Patry Francis said...

Sharon, congrats on the poems in Bonfire. It looks like a great litmag.

Also love hearing the personal stories about your girl.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Patry!

Anonymous said...

Lots to comment on here.

Regarding potty training, I don't mind when my boys learn. That said, letting them sit and watch me pee, and then a bit of reverse psychology (You can't use the toilet. No, not until you're a big boy) worked wonders.

Congratulations on both Bonfire and finishing off Nanowrimo. I had no idea you were taking part. I'm considering doing Nanoedmo in February for mine.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hamel - I've tried reverse and every other kind of psychology there is, but this girl is redefining the word stubborn (and giving me lessons in patience). I AM starting to itch to do some editing on my novel. I wasn't sure when NaNoEdMo is, but I'll probably be ready by February or March. I was surprised by how much potential I felt I ended up with, because during November, I was sure the thing would be worthless. Now that I look back at it, I do think it's something I can work with. Congratulations to you on finishing as well!