Sunday, May 03, 2009

So Long, April. Hello, May!

National Poetry Month is over. Well, for some of us it's never over. Witness my beginning a 23rd round of 30 poems in 30 days.

Here's the list of titles for round 22:
1. Made a Wrong Turn
2. The Business of Losing
3. Death of the American Dream
4. In Picasso's Pocket
5. Brief Note to the Gentleman in 12B
6. How Can You Say I am Not Your Number
7. haiku
8. Requiem for Connectivity
9. Spring Fever
10. All About Love
11. haiku
12. Not Every Grave Can Be Found in the Cemetery
13. Katharine Hepburn Falls onto the Surface of Mars
14. We Can Lick Gravity
15. To a Daughter Turning Nine
16. Egg of the Phoenix
17. Maybe We Mean Different Things
18. Nothing More than Anticipating
19. Words Which Sever Hearts
20. jubilations (after Lucille Clifton)
21. words you use too much
22. Ode to Boise, Idaho
23. It's All in the Delivery
24. Going Nowhere, Going Everywhere
25. 7th Grade Locker Room, Redux
26. This is Not a Poem about Flowers
27. The Gentleman Said
28. Slowest Moon
29. Good
30. An Ill-Defined Dying

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