Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flashes and Poems and Novels, Oh My

The September Flashathon was quite successful and a lot of fun. I wrote 17 new flashes, which is probably more than I've written in the past two years combined. Some of them are already out there seeking homes.

Today I finished my 19th round of 30 poems in 30 days!

1. This Life
2. Disclosure of Heaven
3. The Way to Take Paris
4. Reaching Montmorency
5. Thirst
6. The Impermanence of Furniture
7. Harbinger
8. Osteoporosis
9. Twilight at Farington Manor
10. Lessons in Faith
11. Momentary Hypnosis
12. To the Penguin Third from the Left
13. Night at the Opera
14. The Ranch Hands Take Another Gate
15. Concordance
16. We Were Determined
17. Lookout on Perdition Ridge
18. Balloon Man
19. Serenade to Horsetail Falls
20. When Your Last Name is Capulet
21. On Becoming President, She Never Answers the Phone
22. haiku
23. Nearly Halloween Night
24. It Takes the Moon for This
25. An Extravagance
26. They Were Delicious
27. Ascent of the Last Passenger Pigeon
28. Posing the Dead
29. The Art of Burning
30. Odysseus in the Act of Leaving

I'll go back in December for round 20, but November is all about the novel. That's right, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Care to join me?

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Anonymous said...

i'll be skulking & lurking about. oh, yes, ms. she-made-me-do-it!
congrats again on the 19th!!!