Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Arlene said...

oooh, love this outfit, sharon! also like the photo — with the stripes of light and the stripes of the skirt complimenting each other.

and that's an adorable spelling bee award. congrats to emma!! wheeee!

i'm soooo happy that dennis has got new job so quickly. can't tell you how much i can empathize with the worry — my hubby is more or less in the same situation. they were fired en masse two christmases ago and have to wait out this year before being able to fully work again, contract-wise. rather sucks, but it would a relief get this year over.


p.s. i'll talk with valerie about an OR visit! can't say for sure though — we kind of low on budget. heh!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Arlene! I hope this year flies by for you and your hubby can get back to work. It was great seeing you back in 30/30, at least for a few days. I'll probably be back before too long.