Saturday, April 19, 2008

Addiction can be a good thing

when it involves writing poems! Yep, another 30 has gone by. Here's the titles from Round 16:

1. From the Windshield of a Rusty Truck
2. And the Trees are Beginning to Bud
3. White Flag
4. Hirsute
5. A Tiger's Hand
6. Fort Union
7. A Stink Like Rotten Eggs
8. An Easter Confession
9. Refraction
10. Featherweight
11. A Cowgirl's First Kiss
12. One Minute, Please
13. Pétit
14. Cape Foulweather
15. Like a Lion
16. How to Identify Human Bone in the Field
17. What Does the Wife Imagine (cento)
18. Residual
19. A Billboard for Soap
20. If Barbie were a dress shop girl
21. Vignette
22. Siren
23. Seventy-Six Hours after the Funeral
24. An End to Sunlight
25. Spring Has Come
26. Forgetting to Say Goodbye
27. Vim
28. All the Things We Might Have Said
29. shine a light, little moon
30. a reason for children


Liz said...

Congrats on all the poetry-writing, Sharon, that's wonderful.

And brillaint news about Dennis and his new job - what a relief.

Hope to make it to 30:30 sometime soonish : )


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Liz! Can't wait to see you there again.