Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Thirty Flies By

Yep, I finished my 15th round of 30 poems in 30 days:

1. Picking through the Rubble after Midnight
2. Life's Little Instruction Manual
3. 1976
4. At Ease with Failure
5. haiku
6. Wearing Your Mother's Ring
7. Telegraphing the Body's Warm Urge
8. Mr. Darcy Gets an Unexpected Note
9. Cheap Words and Whiskey
10. Everything Changes
11. Chasing the Moon
12. When Your Lover Reads Your Diary
13. Your Wicked Wicked Ways
14. February is a Hunger
15. When Bonnie and Clyde were Gunned Down
16. The Voracious Go Hungry
17. At the Letting Go
18. Facing the Tiger
19. All the Way to Phantom Ranch
20. They Slit the Sheep's Throat
21. Navajo Child in Cradleboard
22. Tree, Woman
23. the poet taking
24. Through the Open Window of Serenity Hospice
25. The Heart Going Away
26. Miss McGee Hits the Heights
27. Samson Tells Delilah How It Is
28. We Run Hot and Cold
29. Little Clues Can Tell the Truth
30. Why the Possum Crossed the Road

Folio has accepted my poem "Among the Cannibals" for their spring issue. I'm really excited about this one!

I keep getting rejections that tell me my work made it to the final round of cuts or that I was in the top group but just didn't quite squeak in. I feel like Maxwell Smart: missed it by that much.


GJM said...

way cool:)

Anonymous said...

*flies by*?! wha?? *heh*
oh, i've enjoyed it!

wonderful for your folio! (wowed by duhamel's name there:swooon)

just rememebr: the squeaky mouse gets the cheese!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Thanks Gwen and Nic!

Bebe said...


I love the little red slippers that could, and I have to say WOW on your 15th 30:30, I am in awe. We miss you already!! Maxwell Smart, made me smile, keep trying!Like Nic, I am thinking the squeaking mosuse wil get the cheese. I did learn a cheer with all of Rachaels flipping, I am doing it for you right now! Go Sharon!! You write beautifully, your words blow me away.

big hugs

:) brenda

k1tchenwitch said...

My favorite titles: #27 & #30!! Love those! (just sayin').

Big congrats on the Folio acceptance!!