Monday, December 04, 2006

I am

of two daughters
two sparklers popping bright and loud
two semi-colons connecting past and future
two examples of X + Y = all the stars of the universe
and a ponytail bouncing like laughter uncoiled

with words flailing mustard and carbonic acid
rhythm-seeking missiles squirming in my pockets
all the flavors of chocolate on my tongue
as I stand at the bookstore checkout with 2 volumes of haiku
and a magazine of free verse, declaring myself to the cashier
like a traveler coming through Customs

wife, sister, daughter, friend
I am what you choose to call me, what I choose to call myself
though sometimes I imagine I an outside these arms, these legs,
these mysterious stretches of skin marked with the scars of 40 years.
I am one small container for a soul, one huge heart echoing yours
and yours


weak sometimes
sometimes strong
fond of folly and small orange kittens
quiet except when I'm loud
exploring the continuum of boredom
expanding the meanings of busy

I am the smile in the dark.
What are you?


Matt Getty said...

This is nice. I love the way you describe your girls.

Anonymous said...

The images here are lovely, Sharon. I particularly like the smile in the dark. It's funny and wise.

Patry Francis said...

I am striving, too.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Matt - Thanks! I bet your girls are sparklers too.

Patti - Thank-you. The secret smiles are the ones you know are for real.

Patry - Your striving always inspires me to strive harder.