Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Read This!

Looking for something great to read?

Check out Theresa Boyar's stunning story Waxing Razal, the third runner-up in Storyglossia's Fiction Contest. Don't miss Katrina Denza's engrossing first-runner up story Snake Dreams while you're there.

You can find Theresa's lovely poem Saints in Her Backyard up this week at Salome, and her story Selling it to Mrs. Foster at juked.

Also at juked, don't miss Arlene Ang's Typo and Claudia Smith's story Possom.

Happy reading!


S. Thomas Summers said...

thanks for the links...looks like some good stuff.

Patry Francis said...

wonderful links! Every voice so fresh and original. Thank you, Sharon--

Arlene said...

thanks for the great links and nod, sharon! don't forget yourself though — you've got a poem in tipton poetry journal. congrats!

hope to see you back in 30:30 soon. miss ya!!


k1tchenwitch said...

wow, Sharon, thanks for plugging me in such good company and for providing such wonderful links.

And I followed Arlene's path to Tipton & loved summer and winter!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

S. Thomas and Patry - I'm glad you enjoyed the links and the reads.

Arlene - Thanks! Hope to be back soon, but right now I'm enjoying my break by spending loads of time with the girls, knitting, and playing a little Civ.

Theresa - I was truly blown away by your story in Storyglossia and had to tell everyone (well, everyone who reads my blog) about it. Thanks for checking out my poem, too!