Thursday, May 25, 2006

We Have Fairies!

I finally finished both Bluebell fairy dress-up outfits from StudioKnits for Emma and Kate. Whew, that was a lot of garter stitch! It got a bit tiresome toward the end, especially on Emma's, but it was a simple knit.

Emma is crazy about hers and even wore it out to the store the other night. Kate seems to like hers, but she isn't into dressing up at the moment, and she positively refuses to pose. I also have the pattern and yarn for the Rose fairy outfit, but it will have to wait.

At the moment, I'm working on an endless pair of socks for Dennis out of Cascade Fixation and Clapotis for myself with a gorgeous hand-painted yarn from Blue Moon in blue-grey.

I'm also designing an entire wardrobe for my daughters' Groovy Girls and am very pleased with the results so far. I'll post pictures and maybe even share a couple of the patterns one of these days.

In the meantime, I'm off tomorrow afternoon for the coast, where I'll be sharing a house on the beach with several other writers. Writing, knitting, walking the beach...I'm feeling relaxed just thinking about it.


michi said...

gorgeous fairy! (and i like the clothes too! *L*)

have fun at the beach - i'm jealous!



Katie said...

Beautiful work! I've never knit a dress before, only sweaters. I should try it! The results are GORGEOUS!

lorguru said...

Wow, Sharon,...the stuff you make is adorable! And the knitting isn't bad either!
I'm truly impressed. Very, very cool!


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Michi - Thanks! The retreat was great, even though it was cold and rainy the whole time.

Katie - I was pretty pleased with the results and it was an easy pattern. Thanks!

Lauren - Thanks! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - it's great to see you here.

Patry Francis said...

I wish they had Groovy Girls when I was little. They're so much cooler than Barbie.

Great costume!

Arlene said...

i simply *adore* that fairy costume!! i think i'll be an ugly underwear until my fairy anthropologist (hey, godmother's are out of fashion) knits me one. O;)

can't wait to see what else you come up with, sharon! you've got magic hands.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Patry - Yes, the Groovies are so sweet and so wonderfully varied that they put Barbie to shame. The only thing out of proportion about them is their huge feet, which admittedly complicates putting pants on and off them, but is much better than Barbie's bizarro shape.

Arlene - Are you a rose or a bluebell? Or maybe I could knit you some less ugly underwear ; ). does a pair of socks sound?

Arlene said...

me? bluebell, bluebell!! love the leaf motif hem. teehee. just kidding. the socks sound heavenly though -- even in summer my feet are cold. being convalescent, the husband refuses to warm them up on his paunch. i was told to use the oven. hee.