Saturday, April 08, 2006

Update: Writing, Knitting, Life

Today marks day 21 of my fourth round of writing 30 poems in 30 days. Now that I'm well entrenched in the habit, I simply cannot stop. It's extremely freeing to write daily, because the pressure of so much quantity removes the pressure of producing quality writing, and that allows for some surprising and occasionally superb results. It's a great way to shut down that internal editor.

I've got almost 100 stories/poems out on submission at the moment, as well as several stories ready to submit and probably 2 or 3 dozen poems ready to go. My husband has created a database for me that will allow me to track submissions and do cool things with the data. Of course, that's assuming I ever find the time to input all my info from the spreadsheet I've been using for the past three years!

In my knitting life, I made an adorable bluebell flower fairy dress-up outfit for Kate and am working on one for Emma. There will also be rose fairy outfits at some point. I'm on the second half of my first pair of socks (for Emma) and I bought some nice stripey sock yarn in Idaho to make a couple of pairs for myself. I also have the yarn and filler to make knitted bunnies for both girls. Guess I'd better get busy since Easter is barely a week away!

After being sick for most of March with a nasty virus that just wouldn't quit, I'm finally feeling much, much better. Of course, now Kate's got a viral infection, but she's not too sick and is a real trooper. Emma's class just reported its second case of strep throat for the spring, so I'm crossing my fingers we can escape unscathed.

That's a thumbnail sketch of my life at the moment. What's up in yours?


michi said...

wow, so many poems out! cool! i need to submit more soon - it is rather time-consuming. arlene will have to say something about the database if she ever reads this. *chuckle* she could hardly believe it when i said i was using an excel sheet to keep track of things. had her in stitches.

sorry to hear one of the girls is ill again, i hope that she feels better again soon.

as for writing daily - i cannot ever shut that internal editor up. not really. i find i still fret over everything and ponder word choices, and spend hours with a poem. which is why i am so tired, mentally, at the moment, i suppose.

as for what else is going on - you know my blog addy. *G*

m x

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Michi - yes, you must submit, submit, submit. The world needs to read your poetry! Get some rest for your brain (and body and soul), and hopefully you'll be back to writing daily before you know it.

michi said...

tee-hee, sharon, you are sweeeeeet! i suppose the world has been waiting for my poetry for, um, centuries now. if not millenia. *LMAO*

btw consider yourself tagged - check my blog page for what and why and how! (if you like.)

cheers, xm