Saturday, February 18, 2006

Poetry and Knitting

A Knitter’s Guide to Life

When you cast on, don’t hesitate.
Choose your own color, size, texture;
shape the way for yourself.

Remember, even the most complex
pattern is based on two stitches,
the forward and backward simplicity of existence.

Always use point protectors
when small children are around.

Mistakes happen. How you deal with them
determines success or failure.

If you drop a stitch, pick it up as soon as possible.
It’s better to wriggle and weave through difficulty
than rip out rows of indifference.

Learn about yarn-overs: sometimes holes are on purpose.

When your project is finished,
cast off. Weave in the loose ends.
Give a gift to someone you love.

Olympic Update: The first sweater is done and being blocked. The second sweater is started. I'm also adding matching doll sweaters for each girl, and the first of the doll sweaters is nearly finished. Check back in a day or two for pictures.

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