Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Out of the Chute

NaNoWriMo has begun!

If you're a participant, did you take off like a bucking bronco, explosive and strong?

Or are you still puttering around, playing with pictures for your blog and straightening up that sock drawer while you wait for inspiration to strike?

Whatever your approach, write. Write some more. Keep writing and never look back.

My total so far: 3433


Debra Broughton said...

Good advice.

I've got a lot done, but I'm still spending way too much time tinkering with font sizes and checking spelling.

Matt Getty said...

Good luck. My start has been on pace, which I really know means "behind," because let's face it, I'm only going to slow down as the month moves on. Oh well, here's to hoping this year will be different.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Debra - step away from the fonts and no one will get hurt ; ) I have really taken the no editing rule to heart this year and it's helping tremendously. I keep reminding myself whenever I start to think too much about what to write next or where to go, that this is just about getting ideas onto paper, and not about producing a sensible, coherent book.

Matt - I know what you mean. I'm certain to fall behind soon unless I get ahead now, though there's also a part of me that dreams of reaching my goal early and maybe even exceeding it by a decent amount. I already feel successful, though, because I've made much more progress than last year at this time.

Good luck to both of you!

Ginger said...

Well, it's actually 5:25 Monday morning now, and I have only 6552. I'm officially a little more than two full days' quota behind. I'm a little freaked out about it, but I know I'm going to have spurts and longer chunks of time to write without interruption. So far, it's been -- literally -- write for ten minutes, get up and take care of some problem or referee a situation or see something that's amazing on television that can't wait. And this is after everyone in the family pledged their undying support for NaNo. So it's going to take me putting my foot down (silly me, why didn't I think of that before now??) to get anything done. Such is my world. I'm just too damned easy, nice, passive, whatever you want to label it as. Tomorrow I'll turn into a real bitch and throw shoes at anyone who bothers me. Hehe.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Don't freak out, Ginger, you can make it!

I know exactly what you mean, because that's how I write too - steal a sentence here or there whenever I can. I'm trying to get my kids enthused and on my side, but they're 5 and 2, so they don't really want to hear 'mommy can't come play right now, she's writing a book'.

Just keep doing what you can, and yes, keep those shoes handy just in case.