Thursday, October 27, 2005

Give a Little

What is the one thing that all writers crave (aside from fame and fortune, of course)? Feedback! When a poem or story is published, we're thrilled. But most of the time, we never really know how many individuals have read our work or been touched by it, so it's always gratifying to receive comments, compliments, and congratulations.

All writers are readers. So the next time you're reading and something strikes you, take a moment to let the author know. Some ezines make it easy by offering the means to comment immediately and directly on the work they feature:

NOÖ Journal


Blue Almonds


Or find the author's email or postal address and drop him/her a line. Let a writer know that a line moved you, that a character was real enough to be your friend/mother/husband/self, that a scene was so vivid you saw it in your mind for days. Give a little encouragement and appreciation to a fellow writer, whether a friend, stranger, or even someone famous. You never know, maybe you'll even find fan mail in your own inbox.

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