Thursday, August 18, 2005

Feeling Peevish

Minor things can be so irritating:

- furniture that requires assembly but comes with no instructions

- people who can't go five minutes without talking on their cell phone

- being given a hotel room that smells like a thousand cigarettes when you specifically reserved a non-smoking one

- cheese sticks with no dipping sauce

- junk mail (especially those stupid credit card checks)

- grammatical mistakes on signs and advertisements, such as they're instead of their or apostrophe s for plural (House of Clog's)

- burned toast when it's the last slice of bread

-poetry that uses & instead of writing out the word 'and'

- that sliver of popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth from five days ago

That's my list. What bugs you?


Crystal said...

Your list covered almost all of mine. In my blog I put one about "surface people" who only listen to about every fourth word if that and when it comes to it they repeat back the wrong info.

I also hate when my cat eats his food and makes piles with it around the house (it's so gross.)

When I buy a new plant (I like to garden) and it dies before I can really learn to nurture it.

Finding I didn't reply to a note, letter, or e-mail

And finally feeling like I'm being judged for spelling an gramatical errors because I just know I have them. That being said, your comment "- grammatical mistakes on signs and advertisements, such as they're instead of their or apostrophe s for plural (House of Clog's)" is probably the only one on that list that I don't mind so much.

The cell phone one is the worst though. I've been working retail for a couple years and it drives me bonkers. I'm there to assist and answer questions and then I'm supposed to listen in just enough to know when they're talking to me vs. the phone and yet totally appear like I'm completely giving them there privacy... Ah, but what is right...

I think going to bed... that is what is right. (2:02 a.m.)

bevjackson said...

Well, these days, I'm just cranky in general...

--procrastinators who think nothing of keeping a 'team' of people waiting for their own personal agenda

--managers/people in authority who are in love with their own notion of power and wield it like an axe

around holier than thou

--mothers who SCREAM at their infant and toddler children drive me into rages (spare me WalMart, KMart and Target)

--doctors (who already make a zillion dollars) making patients wait for an hour plus, even little old people in their 80's, when they come in on time for an appt.

--the total lack of health care and child care and geriatric care in this country while we're out blowing billions on 'democratizing' the world. I just spent $300 for a drug that I shall have to take the rest of my life. It infuriates me that my mother, also on the drug, gets it for $9 thru her (husband's) military health insurance. And Bush even wants to take the health benefits away from some of the military to add to his war budget.

--people who don't put on their blinkers to turn (when driving cars) and don't think a thing about cutting you off on the freeway, getting in line ahead of you at the grocery store, and taking the last cookie after they've had three and you've had none. Piggy people gross me out.

That's enough for one morning!


Myfanwy Collins said...

It seems we have the same list of peeves! I often wish cell phones weren't invented (except for those times when I have an urgent call to make. I'm such a hypocrite!).