Saturday, May 21, 2005

Kid Lit

My daughter Emma, who just turned 5 three weeks ago, wrote this tonight. She's written stories before, by dictating to me as I typed, but this is the first one she's done entirely on her own, writing it all out by hand on a piece of paper. We are a family of bookworms and writers...

Emma Butterfly's Easter

The night before Easter was a special night for the butterflies. Emma woke up in it. Emma called her Mommy, "Help! My dreamcatcher's off, I can't reach it...unh..."

"Why don't you get the stepstool?"

Emma got the stepstool and put it on her bed and reached the dreamcatcher.

The End


bevjackson said...

Awww. Too cute. How wonderful.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

It IS pretty cool that she seems to enjoy it (almost) as much as I do.